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to do it at home, barack obama took time out of his campaign schedule to vote in the ken wood neighborhood and think workers in highland park. less than two weeks left until election day. if one airforce 1 taxied in chicago and from there a quick chopper ride to the lakefront before heading to ken wood to vote for himself 12 days before election day. he joked with election volunteers about the lack of gray hair on his driver's license one woman gave it right back by scrutinizing his photo. did you see that? a thank-you. >> he joined 16,000 who cast their ballots today early voting numbers are up significantly from four years ago. i cannot tell you who i voted for but i very much appreciate everybody here and it's good to be home back in the neighborhood. meanwhile outside onlookers' patiently waited for a peek at the president before itsthe brain. i think change is going to come in these next four years. then the rain fell antarctica and the motorcade moved on to hyde park obama didn't miss a chance to stop at his campaign office to say thank you. and make a few phone calls
on the changes being called the game changer. the obama administration gave the green light to extend medicare coverage even if it will cost the government more it used to cover physical and occupational therapy and things of that sort only if improvements to the patient's condition could be proven but it will not take care services that help maintain a person's current condition or help prevent further deterioration of regardless of whether their condition is expected to improve. alzheimer's, parkinson's, lou gehrig's disease it is so destructive to the mind it's hard to believe there could be a second blow to the patient living with it or to the loved one watching them suffer the second blow often comes when the bills will win insurance only covered so much medicare hardly making a dent until today the obama administration settled a case in vermont allowed for extended medicare coverage for therapy or skilled nursing improvements or the lack of improvements are no longer the reason to deny further coverage. with their cut off families are faced with choices including often more expensive ca
emanuel was president obama's chief of staff. and today... emanuel was in the tampa area in florida... which is a *very* crucial state in the presidential election because of its 29-electoral votes. >> with president obama and mitt romney staying indoors preparing both will, and gov. romney had different opinions. oh, a clear vision about the middle-class and the role they will play in building the economy. romney tax cuts for the wealthiest cutting regulations and hoping everything gets better. that failed in the first decade but listen to the worst financial economic collapse that come tree experiences the great depression. for their final debate come their running mates onto the campaign trail... to speak before to voters and fire- up the rank and file. reporter cristina mutchler has more. >> several hundred pro-life the elections are just from a corner and it can deter wasting no time. they prepare to go head-to-head vice presidential candidates take to the trail. we're not going to duck these tough issues we're going to run at our country's economic problems before they get o
president obama or mitt romney has more leverage on the topic. i think the president has a very strong record in foreign policy. he went after bin laden. he decimated al qaeda. he has restored our alliances. first of all, governor romney lived overseas for several years as a missionary, worked in international business for many many years, was governor of massachusetts, dealt with the entire world in helping rebuild the winter olympics and literally had virtually every country in the world that he was dweelg in that session, and he is a man who understands the larger world. katherine fenton -- an undecided voter from last week's town hall debate -- asked a question about women and equality in the workplace. now, she's speaking out about the final debate. i'm definitely looking forward to the next debate, i would like to hear what they have to say, especially what they have to say about the position of america in the middle east changing - i'm very interested in iran's nuclear capabilities, i think a lot of the focus for voters is on domestic policy, but we've had debates about th
promising about president obama. >> if barack obama opens up and gives his college records and applications and if he gives his passport application and records i will give to a charity of his choice inner-city children of chicago american cancer society aids research, anything he wants a check a media elite 4 $5 million. a staunch critic of the president basically trying to fan discredited rumors about u obama is u.s. citizenship. a teenage girl hailed as a hero tonight after she scared off a thief that broke into her family's home in northwest indiana. we have more on the story. some really scary intense moments in this neighborhood fortunately a brave young girl enter bravesgirl and her brave brother barricading themselves this afternoon. both parents had just left for work to kids were home a 14 year-old and a eight year-old getting ready for school police say they believe the intruder was watching a home after they say the parents left he broke into the home, both kids were inside at the time she grabbed her little brother locked inside her bedroom and called police it's believed the i
or votes to spare before election day... president obama was in new hampshire, saturday.. only 4 delegates up for grabs in the small battleground state... mister obama carried it easily in 2008... but - polls showing this time around, things could be different... with republican challenger mitt romney gaining ground with independents. "he's been running around saying he's got a five-point plan for the economy. turns out it's a one-point plan. folks at the very top get to play by a very different set of rules than you do." it was kissimmee, florida for mitt romney. the g-o-p presidential hopeful..telling supporters the president failed to fulfill his campaign promises. "he promised that his would be a post partisan presidency. but, we've him over these last four years that he's been divisive and and demonized almost every group that opposed him." the v-p candidates making the rounds, too. joe biden in virginia..targeting the republican ticket. "i've never seen two candidates for the highest office of the land who are more negative about the state of our country." paul ryan in ohio...where r
the obama buy and ticket will pull out the win in a state where polls show that the president and romney in a very tight race. i can't even understand how he offshore is his money let alone jobs. mitt romney is on the move when voters in swing states in the close presidential race tonight in the key battleground state of ohio for the second time in 90 days the government announced the economy grew by 2 percent in the third quarter exceeding expectations. after the stimulus was passed to the white house promised that the economy would be growing at 4.3% over twice as fast. today he dismissed romney's economic failed economic policies of the past. the chicago tribune endorsed the president for the second time, the paper says that he is credited for effectively prosecuted the war on terror. i think the youth has a lot of power and we have the power to make a difference. they are really open to both sides. the kids will enjoy the opportunity banks to school teachers who picked them to participate in the program. the top democrat in the u.s. senate has been released from the hospital after b
knew his people he was in thrall by anything and when president barack obama hit him with his past comments on the car industry we will let the fact checkers checking out through the night but romney didn't fight for any of that. he fought through the night. he has officially been stripped of his title, coming up the spectacular fall from grace of lance armstrong. and some harsh words from bulls fans. wow. it's the mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber. [ bottle #2 ] i heard it came from space. no. from a very clean alien civilization. that's crazy. crazy clean. what?! come on. [ male announcer ] mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber. its clean is out of this world. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thing. i love that book.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8